Driver’s Seat

Happiness does not magically appear with your mythical fairy Godmother’s incantation and the waving of her magic wand.  While at times wonderful moments may seem or perhaps even be serendipitous, as a general rule, we must evoke our own happiness by creating a plan.

The first step in setting yourself on the path toward change is by getting into the driver’s seat of your own life. Identify the steps needed to get the desired result as well as any potential road blocks that may detour you en route.  You may not be able to predict that boulder rolling downhill, however, you can certainly be ready for it.  If the plan deviates from the course you must be prepared to navigate your way through with flexibility, keeping the goal in the forefront of your mind.  You may be wondering why one would even bother with a plan at all.  Formulating a plan not only gives you something to look forward to, it also empowers you.  You are taking the wheel and mapping out your own destination.

It is my belief that the most difficult part of moving forward with a plan is rejecting our fear of the unknown. As humans, we tend to gravitate toward familiarity as it offers us a safety net within our comfort zone. We carry out the same routines with the expectation that somehow this day will be different from all of the rest…it will be more fulfilling, more enjoyable and bring us greater happiness.  We then find ourselves confused as to why it wasn’t more fulfilling, wasn’t more enjoyable and did not bring us the happiness that perhaps we thought it should bring.  In order to change your routine, you must be willing to let go of your fear of the unknown.  You can write down an incredible plan for change, however, if you are paralyzed by your own fears, you will inevitably have difficulty with seeing your plan through. When generating the steps of your goal, include how you will release your fears.

It is really about you being in control of your own life and creating your own happiness.  Whether you have a small goal that you would like to achieve or are seeking major life change, remember that you are the driver and where you go is entirely up to you.






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