• You will never amount to anything.
  • You are ugly.
  • You can’t sing.
  • You will never win.
  • You aren’t good enough.
  • You aren’t tall enough.
  • You aren’t smart enough.
  • You aren’t fast enough.
  • You aren’t cool enough.
  • You aren’t thin enough.
  • You don’t matter.
  • You don’t think.
  • You are taking up air.
  • You will never walk.
  • You will never be as good as your brother/sister.
  • You are weak.
  • You won’t make it.
  • You don’t try hard enough.
  • You don’t care.
  • You aren’t worthy.
  • You can’t.
  • ………

The list of lies is really endless.  Replace the lies with the truth.




About Cruz2Lose

I am witty, intelligent and still manage to keep my sense of humor no matter what life throws at me!
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