Birds of a Feather

Have you ever thought about birds?  Head out to a beach and you will find seagulls, generally you won’t find a cardinal or robin running around looking for fries amongst them.  That is because birds of a feather, flock together.  The same is true for people.  The people who you surround yourself with are either who you are or who you become. If you want to live your life with a positive outlook then it is important to surround yourself with people in your life who are also positive.

While you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness, if the people who are in your life are not positive and supportive then they are toxic.  If you want to accomplish all that you wish to accomplish in your life then you must do so with a positive mental attitude and can not allow others to bring you down.  As I have come to realize over many years, time is very precious and if you are not surrounded by people who make you feel good, then it is time to make changes.  That is often easier said than done.  I have recently made very difficult choices for my own personal happiness and understand from experience that these decisions aren’t always easy.  Sometimes we must make hard choices to be the best that we can be and it can mean taking that risk that requires us to spread our wings and fly.

The Possibilitarian’s Light


About Cruz2Lose

I am witty, intelligent and still manage to keep my sense of humor no matter what life throws at me!
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6 Responses to Birds of a Feather

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Tough but true!


  2. living4bliss says:

    You are so wise.
    Toxic people are slow poison. I am alergic to them.
    It is sometimes hard to cut them out of your life, but it is always for the best.


    • cruz2lose says:

      I am highly allegic to them myself! It is very difficult to walk away from a toxic person when you care about them but if the relationship is affecting you negatively, then you have to make that hard choice. I have had to do this, it isn’t easy.


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