Finding Your Way

When faced with adversity I find the best way for me to confront it is for me to go to a place that brings me peace and clarity…the ocean.  Not everyone can run to the ocean when times get tough but I find that being near a body of water soothes my soul.  As I listen to the power and strength of the waves crash upon the shore I am reminded to be strong. As I witness the light reflect and glisten off of the water I am reminded of hope. When trying to find your way it really helps to figure out what exactly it is that helps you to find your inner peace or whatever it is that gives you strength and hope.  Does water offer you a sense of calm?  Perhaps it is a walk in the woods amongst the trees.  Sometimes it is sitting quietly in meditation without any distraction.  Discover what works for you and go to that place.  Life is often times challenging and when we acknowledge that it is as such and take care of our spirit we are more prepared to meet those challenges.

I had an epiphany upon returning home from the ocean this past Sunday.  I spend so much time in my home office and water feeds my spirit…why haven’t I decorated my home office with a “water” theme?!  So simple.  I am going to start by taking the picture above and having it blown up for my wall. It will go nicely with the wall hanging that I purchased while at the ocean that reads, “TODAY I WILL BE HAPPIER THAN A BIRD WITH A FRENCH FRY”.  It is the little things that can bring us such joy, you just have to find your way.  : )

The Possibilitarian’s Light


About Cruz2Lose

I am witty, intelligent and still manage to keep my sense of humor no matter what life throws at me!
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3 Responses to Finding Your Way

  1. living4bliss says:

    Funny how water is so calming. I live in Colorado, so no ocean for me, but I relax in my hot tub. It, like the ocean clears my mind.


    • cruz2lose says:

      Thank you so much for the follow. I absolutely love the water…it really does have such a wonderful healing property to it. Hot tub…ooohhh that sounds good!


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