Pink For Mama to Sleep In

She was sleeping.  We were going to choose the gown she was going to continue to sleep in.  Pink.  My  favorite color was pink and I thought my mama would look very pretty sleeping in pink.  I think that she was going to be sleeping for a very long time.  Pink is a pretty color to sleep in for a very long time…

It was September 13, 1972 one month before my fourth birthday when my mother hopped in a car with friends heading eastbound on State Road 600 on their way to the dog races in Daytona.  I can almost hear the laughter between the three very close girl friends as they traveled intoxicated down that dark highway headed for what was planned to be a fun-filled evening out, never expecting that moments later that their lives and the lives of their loved ones were about to be completely altered.  As a car passed with its high beams on, the driver lost control of the car that my mother was riding in, crossed the highway and went into the ditch filled with water.  That should have been the end of the story and it should have been an evening filled with luck and thanksgiving that my mother’s intoxicated friend who was driving the vehicle didn’t kill them all in that moment but fate was working overtime that night and my mother climbed out of the car…

There are two stories out there of what happened that terrible night.  The story from the young college student who was first on the scene and the story from the other passenger in the car, the intoxicated driver’s statement was never taken (it was rumored that she had an uncle in law enforcement).  There was never a dispute of whether or not my mother crossed the street to flag down help, it was whether or not someone pushed her front of a 1969 blue Mercedes Sedan striking my mother’s body with such force that it threw her  74 feet breaking every bone in her body killing her instantly.  Almost 40 years has passed since my mother stumbled across that dark highway in the hopes of flagging down help.  Eerily, all three women in the car that evening met with an untimely death as if in some “B” movie horror film plot.

In a twist of fate, on a dark night my widowed mother’s lifeless, broken body lay in a water-filled ditch.  All I know is that when this little girl was asked what color I thought mama would like…I said, “I want pink for mama to sleep in.”…

The Possibilitarian’s Light


About Cruz2Lose

I am witty, intelligent and still manage to keep my sense of humor no matter what life throws at me!
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One Response to Pink For Mama to Sleep In

  1. Patricia B. Writer says:

    I read this and cry. Our childhoods mangled. Yet I am glad you are speaking about these things–exorcising your heart. It’s a necessary process. Becoming our authentic self only happens after we dance with our shadows–especially the shadows and deep cuts of childhood. It’s important to release what hurts–release comes after doing the hard work of walking through the fire. Only then can we open to true healing and happiness.


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