Look Harder

There is an old saying that one “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in details that we don’t notice the big picture.  When life gets complicated it is easy to get overwhelmed and only see “the trees”.

How is it that one looks beyond “the trees” to see the vast forest?  In other words, how does one see through the darkness in a difficult situation and illuminate the big picture?  Some people have the skill and ability to easily see the forest as if they have some sort of lantern that lights their way.  For others, including myself, it is a learned process of reconditioning our thinking from negative to positive, from little or no hope, to I will find a way.

Changing your thinking does not come easily nor does it happen over night.  How many times have you gotten out of bed in the morning and something negative happened that started your day off on the wrong track?  Perhaps you tripped getting out of bed (yes, I have done this). You poured your cereal and there was no milk.  You poured your coffee and there was no creamer.  With every thing that happens we have that brief moment where we choose, read that again, WE CHOOSE, how we are going to react to our circumstance.  What are the possibilities here?  If we tripped and are ok we have a bit of a funny story to tell.  You poured your coffee and there was no creamer…try it black today….or perhaps you have tea.  No milk for cereal?  Eat it dry today, there isn’t a rule book that cereal has to have milk on it, society has simply convinced you of that.  Look harder for other solutions, for other possibilities and change the way you think.

When we are able to work on the little things that impact our daily lives it is much easier for us to meet the bigger challenges that come barreling at us.  Today, work on seeing the forest.  It is when you are able to see the forest that you are able to illuminate the path for others.


The Possibilitarian’s Light


About Cruz2Lose

I am witty, intelligent and still manage to keep my sense of humor no matter what life throws at me!
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2 Responses to Look Harder

  1. Love this post, I agree, life is just about perspective, and finding a way to add the small things up to see the overall picture can help things stay positive 🙂


  2. cruz2lose says:

    Thank you so much for following both of my sites. It was very important to me to put something positive out there. Every day we have so much negative thrusted it at us and over time, with our own challenges and experiences, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. It is time for change.
    : )


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